Russ Chimes - SULA EP

UNO- 006 Released 14th July 2014

Release format: Digital only

The first track sees Russ dive into areas no one would quite expect after ‘Turn Me Out’. A bold move and statement ‘We Need Nothing To Collide’ is a slow, brooding piece of slow-mo dance music. Ultra cinematic, it borrows flavours from some of Russ’s recent film soundtracking work - working with Director Alex Nicholson (See - Mr X), and shows there is much more to his musical personality than his last hit would suggest. 

Twinkling syncopated pianos weave in and out of heartbreaking pads and thunderous 808 kicks, punctuated with ethereal vocal samples techno stabs and snare cracks, leading up to a stirring string section. It’s moving, reflective 'staring into the distance’ music at it’s very best, and a brave move to release something so left, but perfectly illustrates the width of Russ’s musical world and the parameters in which he is on a mission to explore and push on his journey.

Following closely is ‘Your Love’, a riff led house track from much more of a familiar place. A trademark piano line and retro flavoured bassline set the foundation for Russ’s own vocals to flow in and out of bittersweet strings set to a crunching disco tinged house groove. It’s not a peak time weapon in anyway, but is restrained and elegant, evocative and warm. 

‘Sula' finishes the release and gives it it’s name. An altogether more uncompromising disco cut, it kicks off with a groove which builds and builds to thunderous bassline which slams in off the first break. It’s a track that would be as happy at a summer festival as it would in a sweaty club or blasting out of a car. Big bold bass riffs and fat, chunky beats are in full effect here, combining cowbells grooves with progressive stabs, techy pulses, and elegant vocal cuts. 

It finishes up a release which represents a musician becoming more and more confident in his craft. Demonstrating stunning production values and an adept understanding of musicality, 'Sula EP' radiates class, and insists more than ever that there is more to this multi-layered London producer than at first glance.