Russ Chimes - CLARA EP

UNO-013 Released 16th June 2017

Release format: Digital only

01. Wildflower
02. Clara
03. Gaia (Nuevo Comienzo)

EP artwork by Cat Sims -

"Clara EP is three tracks that have been circling around various hard drives for nearly the past 4 years. It’s one of those ones where you just have to sit and wait until the time is right, and certain demos and ideas all seem to cohesively come together at the very last moment. Some of you that have listened to my mixtape series will recognise ‘Gaia (Nuevo Comienzo) as the start track from RC:1, which has had an extra tickle since then. Wildflower and Clara have been floating around in various forms and under various titles for a long time, but I couldn’t be happier for them to finally be out in the world. Although the last few releases have been varied, and more explorative, this EP is just a reminder of that feeling I had when I first started making music. Essentially it’s what I love, loads and loads of melody, hands in the air moments and super warm grooves. Music that embraces all and makes you smile. I hope you enjoy, go grab a gin and tonic and listen and as a whole. Thank you for the continued support. - Russ"